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Everyone who sits in this zero-gravity chair loves it. Not only is it zero gravity, but with a touch of a button the chair transforms into the perfect seating experience into true serenity. You can choose from three different seat levels, enjoy soothing full-body gentle-wave therapy, or combine them. Jade stones are found in the serenity chair, consisting of many of the same elements found in the human body. Because they emit similar frequencies, the vibration from the jade stones go deeper into the cells while the far-infrared heat penetrates the muscle layer. The result is better circulation, increased oxygen in the blood and vast recovery of pain and disease. " Dr Hoon Kim, P.H.D. Licensed Acupuncturist  and Medical Qi-Gong Practitioner. The room has Asian designs with beautiful pictures, a waterfall and five-channel stereo to relax clients.
Overcoming Drug And Alcohol Addiction By Hypnosis
Sessions with Nanci DuPlant have helped many people to overcome addictions. She works with each client to develop a unique plan to gently guide them to healthier habits. Many people suffer from addictions to food, drugs, tobacco and other negative habits. Of those, an overwhelming percentage of people want to change but feel powerless to do so. Through hypnosis, clients are able to gain control of addiction problems and to maintain control for many years.
Hypnosis is not only a way to shed undesired weight but is also one of the most effective ways to keep weight at a desirable level. For these cases, Nanci uses a gentle method of encouraging better choices of food and fluids to allow the body to become healthier. 
She also helps people overcome smoking addictions. Clients using The Hypnotherapy Clinic are helped after just one session, but to become a permanent non-smoker, more sessions are needed. Hypnosis works very well in the addiction and abuse of all tobacco products. These habits include chewing tobacco and dipping snuff, as well as smoking.
Addictions can negatively affect a person's physical and psychological health. Nanci's goal is to help motivate you to achieve your goals in as few sessions and as little time as possible. Once these more positive skills are developed, the learning exerience will stay with you throughout your life.

Office: (972) 669-1393

Cell: (214) 236-4683

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