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Nanci DuPlant, Clinical Hypnotherapist,
The Hypnotherapy Clinic
Richardson, TX 75080
Office: (972)669- 1393
Cell: (214)236-4683
Degree - Certifications                      Institution                Major Area of Study       Year Degree Awarded
1.    St. Romain Institute of Hypnotherapy, San Diego, CA/ Clinical Hypnosis            1979
2.    Inner Development Institute, Dallas, TX    Hypnotherapy                                       1982
3.    Institute of Medical Hypnosis                     Training Certification                            1989
4.    National Guild of Hypnosis                 Hypnosis for Pain Management                 1996
5.    Association of Integrative Psychology, Hawaii  Certificate of Training                2007
6.    American Board of Hypnotherapy        Registered Hypnotherapist                      2007
7.    NGH (National Guild of Hypnosists) St. Louis, MO   Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy 2008

Office: (972)669-1393

Cell: (214)236-4683

Relief For Alzheimer's Symptoms: When a person is in pain, it is very difficult to focus on anything else. It can be even more of a challenge when it affects your family. Nanci DuPlant has the skill and desire to turn the negatives into positives, even when dealing with it up-close and personal. She was able to use hypnotherapy for her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease several years ago. Nanci said, "I used Hypnosis with my mother and the results were amazing. She was full of love, life and memory!" Caregivers and staff members at the Golden Acres Home where Nanci's mother resided, were also very impressed. With the help of hypnosis, Nanci and her family spent many wonderful moments together the last few years of Jeanette Kaplan's life. Hypnosis made a wonderful difference in the Alzheimer's patient. Nanci also offered assistance to other residents of Golden Acres. She also helped the staff with stress relief classes. She is currently doing extensive research on the effects of hypnotherapy in the management of Alzheimer's. She says, "If you have a loved one afflicted with this disease, please let us see if my system of hypnosis may help them!"
Finding A State Of Relief: Nanci has worked with teen mothers at the YMCA Women's Resource Center. She received a note of thanks from Lisa Ciminelli at that Dallas facility. The letter said:
"Dear Nanci,
I cannot thank you enough for coming to my School Age Mothers class yesterday. The girls seem to constantly communicate their stress. I was obviously concerned about their behavior initially, but I am glad that they gave in to your helpful suggestions. I think you have a very special gift to share, and I want to thank you again for bringing it to our classroom. Hopefully, you can continue to work in the school, and I will do my very best to make that happen! Sincerely, Lisa Ciminelli."
Nanci helped Cindy Kaplan to find relief after her wrist was broken in an auto accident. Cindy said, "Surgery was required after the accident. Nanci called to ask what she could do for me and I said, 'Hypnosis.' My wrist was very painful, but the soothing sound of her voice helped me to relax so that I could rest and heal. I spent many hours with Nanci during the first month. I don't know what I would have done without her!".
In May 2002, Joe H. Ledford, D.D.S., shared how Nanci's hypnotherapy helped him in serveral areas. (1) "In 1989, I came to Nanci to help me stop smoking and I have not smoked since. (2) In 1993 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. I went back to Nanci with positive healing suggestions and visual imagery. I visualized my bad cancer cells vanishing. (3) I was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer and again used the same technique with Nanci. The last time I saw my oncologist, he was smiling. I said that's all I need to know. Now we are working on weight loss, and I believe we will be successful."  
Clients And Testimonies Of Success: Professional golfer Bobby Jones, was quoted in the May 1990 Golf Magazine as being able to play his best when he had little conscious control of his swing. Golfers described this as being "in the zone." If you've never been there yourself, you might consider seeing your local hypnotist. Nanci DuPlant says, "Many golfers suffer from lack of concentration and nervousness. I have worked extensively with golfers to help them gain confidence, concentration and stay relaxed in pressure situations. Being able to keep your focus can make all the diffence in performance of specific tasks." Steve Blow wrote an article in the Dallas Morning News on July 6,1990. He gave a positive review of his experience with Nanci. After talking with Nanci, Steve wondered if she could help him bowl better. Nanci used her insight and skills to guide him to a more relaxed state. Steve Blow said, "I was able to receive positive suggestions to envision myself as a dynamic bowler." Steve Blow felt more confidence as soon as he went bowling and his game began to improve very soon after visiting with Nanci. Hypnotherapy helped to get his bowling game onto a better track.
In December 1997, Jack Vaughan, an optometrist wrote a note of thanks for sucessful services from Nanci's Hypnotherapy Clinic. the note was as follows:
"Dear Nanci,
Many thanks for super service and therapy I received from you recently. I am most pleased with the results and I feel I am moving toward my goals. I appreciate your friendship and would not hesitate to consult you again in the future! 
Sincerely, Jack Vaughan O.D., FAAO"
People who Nanci have helped vouch for the effectiveness of her system. Their own words speak positively about Nanci's system of Hypnotherapy. They give this dedicated professional credit for helping them to learn new methods of improving on psychological and physical well being and performance.
Satisfied Clients: Gay Ploegstra came to The Hypnotherapy Clinic for help on weight control. Gay found that positive lifestyle changes became a pattern and that it was not as difficult to make those choices help her accomplish them. "I was standing in line at a checkout counter of a small gift shop and there were two or three trays of goodies there. I automatically took a sample of chocolate mint (my all-time favorite) but as soon as I had it in my mouth my brain kicked in and I thought, 'Oh no! I can't have this!' I came close to spitting it out but had to swallow it. Normally, I would have required 3 or 4 more ounces of candy to satisify me. I handle stress a lot better now and even in tough times, I have no desire to turn to food. I gave your phone number to a friend of mine who says he should quit smoking. I hope he will make the decision to call. Thanks for your help!"-Gay Ploegstra.
C.C. is another successful client helped by Nanci's hypnosis system. Their sessions helped C.C. to stop using cocaine. After experiencing the death of a loved one, cocaine seemed to be the only way to "deaden the pain." C.C. wrote:
"I wanted to stop. I looked into acupuncture, meditation and a few other things but decided on Nanci's service as recommended by a friend. I have had a chance to change this habit as well as gaining a focus to work on other challenges. I believe that it takes a talented hypnotherapist with skill, and a caring attitude to facilitate changes. Hypnotherapy slows a person down, relaxes and gives hope for change. I can give much credit to Nanci for being a talented hypnotherapist."
As clients noted in positive testimonies—success, empowerment and a new found sense of happiness are possible after undergoing carefully monitored hypnosis sessions. Nanci's skills help clients into relief from habits and problems they had lived with for many years. A professional hypnotherapist can assist in addressing problems of behavior, stress and attitude. Nanci DuPlant recognizes how important healthy choices are to a person's total health. She works to make hypnotherapy available and affordable to more people who need the help. Her services are available to businesses and groups.
Credits from newspaper article in The Mon-Gazette, written by Belinda G. Alexander.

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