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What Is Hypnosis?

What The Word Means
When spoken, the word is debated as curiosity often gives way to more questions. A person's background and experience with hypnosis can be influenced by many different factors. Many people have found hypnosis to be a positive answer and solution to problems that may have once dominated their lives.
What Is Hypnosis?
Nanci explains, "Much of the 'mystery' about hypnosis comes from confusion about what can be done and what cannot be done during the procedure. A hypnotized person is not asleep, or in some strange trance-like state of mind. The subject is aware of all that is happening around them. The person will be able to remember suggestions made during the session.
"A person who is hypnotized is able to ignore a disagreeable suggestion or instantly return to full consciousness. During hypnosis, in which one's conscious mind has been distracted, their mind can then absorb positive and fresh information and suggestions."
As a professional of high standing, Nanci DuPlant is dedicated to helping the public become more informed about what Hypnosis means. She explains how the process deals with the two states of mind—conscious and subconscious. "The altered state of consciousness can guide you to more positive awakened life changes," she says. During hypnosis, the altered state of consciousness lets in relaxation and it begins to flow, allowing the subconscious mind to listen and observe new positive behaviors.

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Hypnosis Controls Pain & Promotes Healing
The discomfort of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can make life very challenging. Nanci has a unique way to help those affected by this condition. She makes sure that the client is comfortable and at a point where the suggestions can be effective beyond the symptoms that accompany PMS episodes. The negatives are gently replaced with a more positive and comfortable condition. After Hypnotherapy sessions with Nanci, the subject is able to arrive at a relaxed state and without the irritability that can occur with PMS. The symtoms of bloating and stress are also relieved as the sessions progress. Nanci says, "Hynotherapy is the ideal way to find relief in a natural way without drugs."

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